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Radar In Motion is an amazing, free Mac program, being part of the category Utilities with subcategory Dashboard Widgets. View full description

Radar In Motion is an amazing, free Mac program, being part of the category Utilities with subcategory Dashboard Widgets.

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This program is available for users with the operating system Mac OS X and prior versions, and it is available in English. Its current version is 2.5 and the latest update happened on 7/02/2007.

Since the program was added to our catalog in 2005, it has obtained 1,645 downloads, and last week it had 3 downloads.

Radar In Motion is a reasonably light program that will not require as much storage space than most software in the section Utilities. It's very heavily used in many countries such as United States and Australia.


  • The end of “Invalid Location!” messages thanks to the PopularData ZIP code database. They are providing this database free with no restrictions, so please take the time to go thank them if you have a chance.
  • A location highlight box. Hold down the shift key and double-click anywhere on the map to put a small, red box. This can help you quickly locate a specific location on the map. To delete the box, hold down the shift key and double-click within the red box.

Radar in Motion is a Dashboard widget that grabs radar images from The Weather Channel and displays the animation. One can access the radar for a given zip code or get a regional map.

It notably offers:

The ability to remember several maps and rotate through them

First, select a map on the preferences side. If you want to keep the map, click on the little "+" in the lower right-hand corner.

This map is now stored. If you go to the preferences and choose another map and do the same, it will store that map, too. Use the up and down buttons (or up and down arrow keys) to circulate thorugh the different maps.

You can also have the widget rotate the maps for you.

NOAA Support

This is the second most requested feature behind the ability to remember several maps.

You can now choose your source, Weather. com or NOAA. If you have several maps saved and then switch sources, the maps will be retrieved from the new source.

Note, however, that NOAA does not support all of the maps found in Weather. com. In the event you use Weather. com and have map remembered that is not present at NOAA, the widget will remember the map nonetheless and display it if you ever switch back to Weather.

com. Select the source under the Updating section of prefernces. Note, I will not be making the widget able to select the source on a per-map basis.

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Radar In Motion


Radar In Motion 2.5